DARE Feedback

"One of the highlights for fifth grade at our school is the D.A.R.E. program.  The students enjoy the various activities, having an actual police person to converse with, investigating strategies to stay drug/alcohol free,  learning ways to deal with bullying, and watching small video clips of recovered drug addicts.  They appreciate the tour of the police vehicle, and being able to tour the jail, court house, and law enforcement center.  Every year, it is listed as one of their favorite parts of fifth grade."

-All Saints Academy

"The Dare program did a great job showing students the decision making process with many opportunities to practice through role playing.  The kids also enjoy the jail/courtroom tour.  Speaking with an inmate is a great experience to hear first hand the effects of the decisions that were made.  DARE is very informational and well taught for students to understand some of the peer pressure and decisions they'll face growing up as they go into middle and high school."

 -Sacred Heart School